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Happy new you… I mean New Years!

It is the 31st and we are about to celebrate another New Years.  I will be honest.  I have celebrated a lot of these and I am not all that in to it this year.  I am sitting on the couch drinking my Gluhwein and then I will be off to bed.  Don’t judge it till you’ve tried it.

I do however feel compelled to make some New Year’s resolutions.  Last year my resolution was to be better… it was a bit of a cop out, but I think I followed through on it on a couple fronts.  Here are the contenders for this year:

1. Make time to have adventures/memorable moments

2. Focus on cleaning less

3. Learn something new

4. Read more

5. Stretch/exercise regularly

6. Use my memberships more (zoo, library, community center, etc)

7. Require less mindreading of my husband.  Let him know what I am thinking and finally update my amazon wish list.

8. Do little things for the people I love so that they know that I am thinking of them.

9. Finish home projects that are currently in limbo… hallway trim, K’s storage, the D*!& fence

I can’t bring myself to go into double digits so I will stick with 9. I hope you all have a wonderful new years and set some reasonable resolutions/goals for yourself. For those of you that are going to be awake at midnight maybe you should consider resolving to get a little bit more sleep next year.