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Weekday lunches

Breakfast is for easing into things over a hot cup of coffee while listening to the birds welcome the day.  Dinner is for nourishing your family and friends with the recipes that create legends.  Weekday lunches are for… work.

I have an issue coming up with ideas for weekday lunches.  There is no one around to appreciate the balance of flavors or the effort it took, so I take a yogurt to the office and call it a day.  Unfortunately, this leaves me unsatisfied and underwhelmed, so I am trying something new.  I am going to try easy or no prep real foods that are low cal so that I can keep using butter at dinner without having to wear my fat pants (Don’t judge.  You have them too.)

Anyway, here are some easy weekday lunch options to try out:

  1. Sweet potato – microwave for 5min-ish (potato setting) add crazons and sunflower seeds or go decedent by adding brown sugar or a little butter
  2. Cherry tomatoes and blue cheese drizzled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper (if you don’t cut the tomatoes it will not get runny)
  3. Soft pretzel roll (I love you central market) cut open and microwaved or toasted with an American cheese slice on each side
  4. Deli meat and cheese rolled up with a little stone ground mustard and an apple (I have stuck the full deli bags in my lunch bag with an ice pack rather than prepping this)
  5. Bagged or store prepped salad with deli meat thrown on top, because lets be honest.  A plain salad is never enough

All of these weekday lunches (with the exception of #2) required no prep.  I could throw the items in my lunch box and throw them together at work.  The cherry tomatoes and blue cheese require a very small amount of prep but it is so worth it. Let me know if you come up with any other no prep lunch ideas.