Have an adventure. Eat good food till your pants are too tight. Enjoy a good belly laugh.

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Life is an adventure

I believe that happiness is a choice and life is an adventure.  [Caution.  Venting commencing in 3… 2… 1…]  This belief was recently put to the test when my daughter and I had a flight canceled and had to delay our vacation out east by 24 hours missing the wedding that we were going to.  This was made even better by the fact that my husband and youngest daughter only had a 2-hour delay, so they were able to make it but we had their bags.  I will be honest.  I was pissed.  Then I had the mother of all realizations.  This was a test.

Someone, somewhere was testing if I was in fact a cool mother that could go with the flow and truly make anything in life an adventure or if I was in fact a bitter shell of the awesome chick I once was.

I will admit that I did give myself 5 minutes to be angry at the universe.  I even admitted it to my daughter and asked her how she was doing with all of this.  She was disappointed yes, but she is much cooler than I am so she was already back to being one with the universe.

Then we moved on and created our own adventure by going to the movies and getting free reign when choosing stuff to eat instead of having dinner (she still went for a hot dog but added a pretzel.)  Then we went home for a sleepover in mommy’s bed.

So there universe!