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Getting outside: the family goes for a walk

The leaves are changing color, there is a crisp edge to the breeze… How I love the fall.  Then again, this is a matter of supply and demand.  Where I live in Texas the fall is in short supply.  This past weekend it was 89 and I ended up with a sunburn.  So, I love the fall.  Every little bit of it.

This means it is my responsibility to drag those I love out to appreciate the fall as well.  My drug of choice was Bear Creek Park, which has a meandering walkway that runs between a series of playgrounds.  We walked one mile to a great pirate themed playground with the girls.  The best thing about the park is that there are bathrooms by the pirate ships (modern convinces even for my scurvy crew.)


My oldest told me that her favorite parts were 1. The play area, 2. Petting dogs by the play area, 3. The play area and 4. Getting done walking.  Oh well.  I will keep trying.

PS: If you want to find a great place to go for a hike, check out  You can sort based on how close the trail is to you, the length of the hike and so much more.  I especially liked that I could choose to sort on kid friendly and dog friendly.  If you are looking for nearby parks go to your cities website.