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When you don’t “Do It Yourself”!

I like to think that I can take on just about any home improvement project and successfully tackle it.  We will not discuss how long it takes me to get these projects done! Only that I am a handy woman and that my husband is a lucky man (3 years re-doing a hallway so far).  However, there are occasions when a project is beyond my ability because I don’t have the time, it involves electrical work (I am shocking enough without touching wires) or the task is just too big.

We currently have one such project going at our house.  We are replacing the multiple kinds of flooring in the living room, kitchen and breakfast room, laundry, art room, front entry and dining room.  All of these spaces, most of our common living area, are being “demo”ed so that a new dark wood grain porcelain tile can be laid in its place.

This new flooring will match what it took me 3 days to lay in the hallway and create an amazing, wonderful and consistent look!  I am a little excited!

We are currently 19 days into it…and the contractor just wrapped up the removal of the laminate under our carpeting and tile.  They estimated that all the floors would be removed in the first two days, then we would have eight days of construction for laying the new flooring.  Yet here we are on Day 19 and we just finished the demo.  Fortunately, they did lay some tile while working on the demo, so that there are 2 rooms that are 50-75% done but still…Day 19!  Did I mention that I warned them about the laminate?

If you are thinking about working with a contractor, remember a couple things:

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Be sure you are prepared for a change in “the plan”.
  3. Be patient.  Getting pissy does not help the situation.
  4. Be sure you have talked about added costs with your contractor if the timeline/work takes longer than originally planned.
  5. Be sure you have a blog so that you can vent about the plan changes.

These floors are the  biggest project we have contracted to have done in our home, so I am trying to be as patient with our contractor as my husband is with me when I work on my projects.  They will not, however, get 3 years to wrap this up!