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Girls at Henrietta Orchard

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10 Ways to Make the Most of Fall

Girls at Henrietta Orchard

Visit to Henrietta Orchard

We are still having some hot temps but I can tell fall is coming.  It may have something to do with the fact that I have to convince my dog Harry to come in from the cool evening breeze.  I am going to try to enjoy this weather and time of year by getting out and doing stuff.  Lots of stuff:

  1. Go for a walk.   Come on.  You know you want to, If you are afraid that the kids will drive you nuts give them a task.  Give them a bucket and tell them to collect colorful fall leaves or tell them to hunt for perfectly round rocks.
  2. Make apple cider donuts.  How can warm cinnamon sugar covered donuts be bad.  Ummmmm… Donuts.
  3. Go pumpkin picking.  There is nothing like hunting for the perfect pumpkin.  I will be going to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch so that we can get some caramel corn and a hayride while I am at it.
  4. Carve your pumpkins.  If you have little kids grab some paint or markers and it can still be lots of fun.  All else fails cut out shapes and let your kids glue them to the pumpkins.
  5. Make chili.  It might not make it more chili outside immediately (I crack myself up) but it can’t hurt.  Bonus points if you enter a chili cook off.
  6. Grow something outside. Buy some mums to pot on your patio or plant some fall pumpkins in the garden.  It is not important what you plant.  It is important that you will now have to go outside to water them.  This will force you to slow down and notice the change of seasons.  I realize this takes away the precious moment when you go out to the car and realize that you missed it, but oh well.
  7. Eat a caramel apple. If you don’t want to try making them your self buy one at the store.  You deserve it.
  8. Make a pinecone bird feeder. Grab a pinecone and smear peanut butter on it. Then roll it around in bird food and hang it from a tree.  How easy is that.
  9. Celebrate Oktoberfest by having beer and brats.  Not into beer?  I would highly recommend Woodchucks Seasonal Fall Hard Cider.  Fall in a bottle.
  10. Go Apple picking. I have already done this, but it is still a great way to spend an almost fall afternoon. Besides I hit writers block on no 10.  If you don’t know where to go check out  We were lucky enough to find Henrietta Orchards which also sells honey and has kitchen gardens and chickens.  My girls just loved it and I love the photos and memories that I walked away with.