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A birthday surprise!


The impossible has happened!  No, my dogs have not started speaking fluent french.  This is even more amazing!  I have successfully done something I originally saw on Pinterest! I will admit that it is not quite as nice as the Pinterest photo that inspired it, but what is.

For the baby’s 2nd Birthday my 7 year old and I  created balloon and streamer door.  All I did was blow up a lot of balloons (cheated with a little hand pump so that I wouldn’t be too lightheaded to blog) and then attach them to streamers of the same length but different colors.  Then I laid down a long piece of packing tape and place the loose ends of the streamers side by side on the tape.  I know that both of my girls will pull at the balloons so I placed another piece of packing tape on the back side of the lined up streamer ends (streamer and tape sandwich) before using yet another piece of tape to attach it to the top of the doorway.  I may have used a lot of pieces of tape to attach it to the doorway.

I am expecting hours of entertainment out of this one.  Defiantly worth staying up late to do.