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Great gadgets… it knows what I am doing

I am not the techie of my family.  My husband always knows about the newest coolest things that are coming out within 10 minutes of their announcement.  I am however much more aware of gadgets to help with weight loss.  I have bought the coolest tool in the quest to figure out why, oh WHY I can’t seam to loose those last 5, 10, 15 pounds!

It is called an Up Band and it is so much more than a cool looking bracelet.  In the simplest of terms it tracks my sleep and activity.  Through the app I am able to see:

  • How much sleep I get broken down into deep and light sleep.  It even shows how many times I woke up with the baby, which is helpful for checking my facts before I complain to anyone.
  • How many steps you take every day and how many calories you burn based on that number.
  • Gives you the ability to time workouts (I will have to workout at some point to test this out.)
  • Has a vibrating alarm that you can set to wake you up in the morning or notify you if you have been sitting too long.
  • Track your calorie intake to check against how many calories you are burning.  WARNING: This feature works as a truth serum.  It makes you face the facts of why you are or are not loosing weight.

All in all, this is really cool.  Now if I can just force myself to stop playing with this so that I can get some sleep.