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Summer schedules

I am so happy that summer is here, but not because of the weather or the extra time I will get to spend with the kids.  Not even because of any pending summer vacations (sorry but I actually just got back.)  I am happy that summer is here because that means that I am done with all of the scheduling, the planning that is required to be able to keep my school age child busy while I go to work everyday during the summer.

I spend weeks researching, scheduling, making color-coded charts, figuring out pick-ups and drop offs.  I am tired just thinking of all the work.  All of this because I want my child to have a great adventure, learn new things, not burn the house down.  Is it worth the work… I don’t know.  I will have to ask my daughters therapist in twenty years.

PS: I needed to put all of my summer on a calendar sheet just meant for the kids activities (copies to my husband, my dad, mother-in-law…).  If you want a nice looking free calendar that you can download for personal use you may want to check these out.  I liked…

2014 Printable Calender. . . Happy New Year!

Organizing Calendar: the Harmonized House Project