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Ever get the feeling that you have forgotten something.  I constantly have that feeling and in general it is dead on.  My keys, Kiera’s homework, the blankie… my sanity.  I have even occasionally found myself driving into work singing along to Yo Gabba Gabba with my youngest only to realize I just passed daycare.

Anyway, the point is that I have been ignoring that feeling and just accepted that there are things forgotten, but everyone around me is happy and healthy so it will be ok.  Then I realized I forgot something big… I forgot that I was blogging.

Well S#*%T.  I ment to blog, really!

So I am setting the reset button and giving myself a challenge (probably not the best idea at the moment but thats how I roll.)  I am going to keep it simple but I am going to post.  I have a snazzy new camera so I am going to post a picture of something that makes me happy and tell you about it every day… or every other day… or twice a week.  BUT I WILL POST!