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One year to prep for my midlife crisis

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This month I turned 39… I mean 29.  Yep totally 29… damit 39.  Turning 39 wasn’t nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be.  Apparently all you have to do is wake up and it happens.  Just like that!

Anyway, it feels like it would be better to reflect on my life now than a year from now.  That way when I turn… 4 0 I will not be startled by all of the empty whiteness of the page I list all of my accomplishments on.  The good news is that I recently started reading  The Happiness Project and I have a plan.  It may be an unrealistic to fill my blank page in the course of a year but I can become a better person over the course of a year.  I didn’t say it was a realistic plan.

To do this I am going to steal Gretchen Rubins plan… more or less.  I am going to work on one thing every month to make myself a better person.  Then even if I have a white piece of paper on my 40th birthday, I will know deep down inside that I am the best version of myself.

Month 1: Get energized by eating better, getting more sleep and decluttering my life.

I foresee a couple issues with this month.


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Author: Anne Gur

I am busy. Very busy. Work, family, dogs, girl scouts, dinner parties, gardening... defiantly no time for napping but I try to fit in everything else.

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