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A fall activity for the girls

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We are now officially in the final countdown as we prepare for Thanksgiving and I am going big as this is the first time in years we are going to have a crowd.  Food is figured out and so I have mentally moved on to decor.  While I have a ton of decorations for Haloween (my husband’s favorite) and Christmas (my favorite) there is a lack of anything  holiday related in my house when it comes to Thanksgiving. A couple leftover pumpkins that I have from Halloween are still out but that is a pretty pitiful excuse for Thanksgiving decorations.

I am desperate and don’t want to spend a ton of money so I am going to pull the oldest trick in the book.  I am going to have my kids make stuff.  Here is the plan:

Table decorations:

• The Mayflower – the craft store sells heavy duty sheets that are almost like a plastic like foammy thing (that is a technical term.)  We are going to use these foam sheets into a 12 inch long Mayflower tall ship.

• Turkeys for the table – The Martha Stewart website has a project online where you trace leave patterns on to cork board squares and then cut them out to use as hot plates.  This project is great, but why should I stop at leaves.  We have found a turkey pattern so we will be making turkey trivets for turkey day.

• Leaves – We are going to use the Martha Stewart pattern to cut leaves out of construction paper.  We will then work as a family to write things we are thankful for on all the papers before stringing them up to make garland.

Well, that is all I have come up with so far.  I will post pictures, assuming it works out the way I picture it in my head… lets be honest.  You will never see pictures.

Author: Anne Gur

I am busy. Very busy. Work, family, dogs, girl scouts, dinner parties, gardening... defiantly no time for napping but I try to fit in everything else.

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