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Life sized paper dolls

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I recently had to come up with an activity for a group of kids ranging in age from 2 to 7. I know what you’re thinking. Eek, but think.  What do these kids have in common? They all love coloring on things that they don’t feel like they should be coloring on. I decided to trick them.

I pulled out a really long role of paper. Everyone took turns getting traced and then the kids went to town coloring the big sheets that now completely covered the floor in my dining room. This actually work out much better than I expected as even a little 3 year old boy that was with the group got in on the action.  His mama may have helped him a bit too, but I am not sure if that was his request or hers. 🙂

Author: Anne Gur

I am busy. Very busy. Work, family, dogs, girl scouts, dinner parties, gardening... defiantly no time for napping but I try to fit in everything else.

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