Have an adventure. Eat good food till your pants are too tight. Enjoy a good belly laugh.

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The BIG 40!

This week was amazing but it did not go the way I planned it.  I had planned a quiet week with tears and sobbing into my cake while I turned 40 and proceeded with the first of what I could only assume would be many midlife crises.  I had panned for this.  I was ready…but it never came, and so I am contemplating what comes next.

I have decided to spend my 40s becoming awesome.  I want to learn to surf before my bones are brittle.  I want to have adventures and travel with my kids before they can make the decision in the matter.  I want to fall in love with my husband all over again because that just sounds cool.

What ever I do in my 40s you can bet I will not be napping.  🙂

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A Full Life

I have a confession to make… this morning did not go how I expected.  There were wrenches thrown and I got flustered.  Rather than rolling with the punches the way I know I should have, I decided to debate whether or not I have a full life. Nothing dramatic here.

So what makes a full life.  Is it having something penciled in on every day of your calendar, having a full address book or having a full house at your funeral.  I am honestly not sure, so I am going to be the bigger person (since you are all watching) and I will count my blessings rather than comparing the fullness of my life to the perceived image created by my friends facebook profiles.

So… maybe my life is full because I have a great family with two lovely girls that like nothing better than crawling into my lap and giving me hugs.  What makes your life full?

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Let us resolve… it’s New Years again!

Hello web world and welcome to 2016!  Let me answer all of your questions:

Yes, you have survived another year.  Yes, you successfully found gifts for everyone on your list including a lovely bathroom joke book for your grandfather.  Yes, you ate too much pie, cake and bread pudding (overachiever) and now the scale is telling nasty fibs about your weight.  No, you don’t have to make any New Year’s resolutions but are you really going to let that stop you?

As a person without any substantial vices I have weighed my options and these are my favorite half dozen New Year’s resolutions from the web:

Loose weight: can you believe this is the most common resolution.  Go figure.

Save money: with resolutions ranging from figuring out long term savings for retirement to spending less I could come up with 50 different ways to accomplish this.

Love one and other, or at least show people that you like them: wether it’s friends or family or even your spouse there is always someone out there that could use some attention or some more of your time.

Cut back on stress: aparently long work hours, little sleep, no exercise, poor diet, and not spending time with family and friends can contribute to stress.  I don’t see why this is an issue for anyone.

Do good: volunteer somewhere, give cans to the food pantry, give two dollars to take care of abandoned animals.  Do something that is not for you.

Get organized: it took me 3 hours to pull all of the clothing that I will most likely never wear again out of my closet and bag it up for the salvation army and now i can find things.  What can I say.  I am a big fan of this option

Lighten up: do the kids rooms really need to be clean right now? How important is it that Billy eat all of his brocoli?  Does your husband really have to understand your hormones?  Feel free to let the little voices in your head discuss.

Ok, I get that I didn’t stop at 6.  Lets just saythat the last one was a bonus New Year’s resolution.  Now you can feal like you got your moneys worth.

What is your New Year’s resolution? You tell me yours and I’ll tell you what I finally settled on.  ;o)


Now it is time for GOOD food

I am still working on getting more energy, but sleeping longer is not working out so well.  I have decided that staying up late to work is necessary this week (as it often is for many of us) but I can still work towards my goal of having more energy.  How you might ask… I am going to focus on one of my favorite things.  FOOD!!!

I am going to eat healthier but I need a plan as I enjoy making elaborate meals that include the use of a full stick of butter.  Part of me doesn’t want to give that up as there is something amazing that happens when you feed people really good food.  So here is the plan.  I am going to:

  1. Work on eating meals that are heavy on fruit, veggies and protein. Light on carbs.
  2. I am also going to cut back to 2 cups coffee a day
  3. I am going to drink 5 glasses of water a day
  4. I am not going to eat fast food at lunch during the week. I need to be able to tell what all of the ingredients of my food are if I am going to feel appropriately guilty for eating them and that is too hard with fast food
  5. I am going to be realistic and give my self a pass whenever we have guests.  After all life must contain a little (lot) of butter

Five rules feels like enough.  Now all I need is a little unrealistic inspiration, so to pinterest we must go.  I started a board of healthy eating options.  I have even populated it with a couple useful options including a general guide to building a smoothie.  This is where I will begin…

Wish me luck and let me know if you have any suggestions for how to make this eating healthy thing work!


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Getting energized or how I am going to start getting out of bed on time.

The first month long quest of my happiness project involves getting energized by eating better, getting more sleep and decluttering my life.  I don’t think you guys realize how hard this is going to be for me (poor me violin tuning up in the background.)

A normal day for me involves reluctantly getting out of bed for a barking dog (or 3) and doing chores before grabbing my coffee and the kids (in that order) so we can hop in the car for drop offs and work.  The crazy constantly running feeling of the day doesn’t stop till 9pm when  the tv goes off and the kids go to bed, so that I can grab the laptop and go back to work till 11-1am depending on when my husband goes to sleep.  Repeat.  In all fairness not everyday is like that, but sometime it feels like everyday is like that.

So, now I need to start going to bed on time, but what is on time.  According to the national sleep foundation an average 26-64 year old adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep.  Since I am 34.2% through that target range (39… this should be well established by now) I am going to say I need to get 7:41 hours of sleep.  Why yes I did need to be technical.

I want to get up at 6:30am which means I need to close my eyes at 10:49pm… instead of 1am.  This sounds like a brilliant idea but I need a plan… umm, uhhh.  Nope.  No plan, I am going to wing it and see how it goes.


#countingsheep, #1sheep, #2sheep, #3sheep

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One year to prep for my midlife crisis

This month I turned 39… I mean 29.  Yep totally 29… damit 39.  Turning 39 wasn’t nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be.  Apparently all you have to do is wake up and it happens.  Just like that!

Anyway, it feels like it would be better to reflect on my life now than a year from now.  That way when I turn… 4 0 I will not be startled by all of the empty whiteness of the page I list all of my accomplishments on.  The good news is that I recently started reading  The Happiness Project and I have a plan.  It may be an unrealistic to fill my blank page in the course of a year but I can become a better person over the course of a year.  I didn’t say it was a realistic plan.

To do this I am going to steal Gretchen Rubins plan… more or less.  I am going to work on one thing every month to make myself a better person.  Then even if I have a white piece of paper on my 40th birthday, I will know deep down inside that I am the best version of myself.

Month 1: Get energized by eating better, getting more sleep and decluttering my life.

I foresee a couple issues with this month.


#happinessprojectrocks, #gretchenrubinsismyyoda, #not40yet

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Happy new you… I mean New Years!

It is the 31st and we are about to celebrate another New Years.  I will be honest.  I have celebrated a lot of these and I am not all that in to it this year.  I am sitting on the couch drinking my Gluhwein and then I will be off to bed.  Don’t judge it till you’ve tried it.

I do however feel compelled to make some New Year’s resolutions.  Last year my resolution was to be better… it was a bit of a cop out, but I think I followed through on it on a couple fronts.  Here are the contenders for this year:

1. Make time to have adventures/memorable moments

2. Focus on cleaning less

3. Learn something new

4. Read more

5. Stretch/exercise regularly

6. Use my memberships more (zoo, library, community center, etc)

7. Require less mindreading of my husband.  Let him know what I am thinking and finally update my amazon wish list.

8. Do little things for the people I love so that they know that I am thinking of them.

9. Finish home projects that are currently in limbo… hallway trim, K’s storage, the D*!& fence

I can’t bring myself to go into double digits so I will stick with 9. I hope you all have a wonderful new years and set some reasonable resolutions/goals for yourself. For those of you that are going to be awake at midnight maybe you should consider resolving to get a little bit more sleep next year.

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When you don’t “Do It Yourself”!

I like to think that I can take on just about any home improvement project and successfully tackle it.  We will not discuss how long it takes me to get these projects done! Only that I am a handy woman and that my husband is a lucky man (3 years re-doing a hallway so far).  However, there are occasions when a project is beyond my ability because I don’t have the time, it involves electrical work (I am shocking enough without touching wires) or the task is just too big.

We currently have one such project going at our house.  We are replacing the multiple kinds of flooring in the living room, kitchen and breakfast room, laundry, art room, front entry and dining room.  All of these spaces, most of our common living area, are being “demo”ed so that a new dark wood grain porcelain tile can be laid in its place.

This new flooring will match what it took me 3 days to lay in the hallway and create an amazing, wonderful and consistent look!  I am a little excited!

We are currently 19 days into it…and the contractor just wrapped up the removal of the laminate under our carpeting and tile.  They estimated that all the floors would be removed in the first two days, then we would have eight days of construction for laying the new flooring.  Yet here we are on Day 19 and we just finished the demo.  Fortunately, they did lay some tile while working on the demo, so that there are 2 rooms that are 50-75% done but still…Day 19!  Did I mention that I warned them about the laminate?

If you are thinking about working with a contractor, remember a couple things:

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Be sure you are prepared for a change in “the plan”.
  3. Be patient.  Getting pissy does not help the situation.
  4. Be sure you have talked about added costs with your contractor if the timeline/work takes longer than originally planned.
  5. Be sure you have a blog so that you can vent about the plan changes.

These floors are the  biggest project we have contracted to have done in our home, so I am trying to be as patient with our contractor as my husband is with me when I work on my projects.  They will not, however, get 3 years to wrap this up!


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Life is an adventure

I believe that happiness is a choice and life is an adventure.  [Caution.  Venting commencing in 3… 2… 1…]  This belief was recently put to the test when my daughter and I had a flight canceled and had to delay our vacation out east by 24 hours missing the wedding that we were going to.  This was made even better by the fact that my husband and youngest daughter only had a 2-hour delay, so they were able to make it but we had their bags.  I will be honest.  I was pissed.  Then I had the mother of all realizations.  This was a test.

Someone, somewhere was testing if I was in fact a cool mother that could go with the flow and truly make anything in life an adventure or if I was in fact a bitter shell of the awesome chick I once was.

I will admit that I did give myself 5 minutes to be angry at the universe.  I even admitted it to my daughter and asked her how she was doing with all of this.  She was disappointed yes, but she is much cooler than I am so she was already back to being one with the universe.

Then we moved on and created our own adventure by going to the movies and getting free reign when choosing stuff to eat instead of having dinner (she still went for a hot dog but added a pretzel.)  Then we went home for a sleepover in mommy’s bed.

So there universe!

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Weekday lunches

Breakfast is for easing into things over a hot cup of coffee while listening to the birds welcome the day.  Dinner is for nourishing your family and friends with the recipes that create legends.  Weekday lunches are for… work.

I have an issue coming up with ideas for weekday lunches.  There is no one around to appreciate the balance of flavors or the effort it took, so I take a yogurt to the office and call it a day.  Unfortunately, this leaves me unsatisfied and underwhelmed, so I am trying something new.  I am going to try easy or no prep real foods that are low cal so that I can keep using butter at dinner without having to wear my fat pants (Don’t judge.  You have them too.)

Anyway, here are some easy weekday lunch options to try out:

  1. Sweet potato – microwave for 5min-ish (potato setting) add crazons and sunflower seeds or go decedent by adding brown sugar or a little butter
  2. Cherry tomatoes and blue cheese drizzled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper (if you don’t cut the tomatoes it will not get runny)
  3. Soft pretzel roll (I love you central market) cut open and microwaved or toasted with an American cheese slice on each side
  4. Deli meat and cheese rolled up with a little stone ground mustard and an apple (I have stuck the full deli bags in my lunch bag with an ice pack rather than prepping this)
  5. Bagged or store prepped salad with deli meat thrown on top, because lets be honest.  A plain salad is never enough

All of these weekday lunches (with the exception of #2) required no prep.  I could throw the items in my lunch box and throw them together at work.  The cherry tomatoes and blue cheese require a very small amount of prep but it is so worth it. Let me know if you come up with any other no prep lunch ideas.